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What tool does your team spend the most time in right now?

Should the center of the digital workplace focus on collaboration or work management?

What feature is your favorite tool missing right now?

Is there a danger in letting messaging platforms become the function nucleus?


What are the biggest ethical concerns that we aren't talking enough about?

What should be a part of an agreed code of ethics among vendors?

What's the "darkest timeline" for technology and work?

What trends are you encouraged by?


What stands in the way of implementing a digital workplace?

How many new tools has your organization rolled out in the last year?

What can product companies do to improve adoption rates?

What’s the hardest part of getting someone to use a digital workplace?


Are messaging platforms like Slack an improvement over email? Or did they just make email faster?

Do you want to see email be more functional, or should it try to do less?

What types of collaboration does a team need to plan for?

What is the proper place of email in a digital workplace?


How are creative digital workplaces using bots for the employee experience?

Where's the best place to test out your first bot?

How can bots and humans be more collaborative in the workplace?

What is stopping most companies from experimenting with bots?


What experiences do new joinees expect in a digital workplace comparted to a physical office?

What are the most exciting digital onboarding stories you’ve seen?

What are ways you can demonstrate your culture in a digital onboarding?

Why should you make a fantastic digital onboarding one of your top priorities?


What are the biggest productivity challenges distributed teams face?

As we move away from presenteeism, what's a better metric for measuring productivity?

What traps will digital orgs fall into when trying to assess productivity?

How do distractions compare between in-office and remote?


What's the core benefit an office brings when it's not essential to work?

What kind of features will the office of the future have?

How will IoT enhance the office experience?

Are coworking spaces and satellite offices a good solution for distributed teams?


How does the role of a leader change in a digital workplace compared to an office-centric workplace?

What will Level 5 digital leaders spend most of their time doing?

How do you build up new leaders when you don't spend as much time with mentees as before?

What should leaders be learning today that will prepare them for the future?


What is it about being in the same location that seems to make innovation easier?

How can we replicate the conditions for innovation in a digital environment?

What improvements in technology do you need to have more innovative teams?

How might digital teams be even more innovative than co-located teams?


Which is more important? Getting the right tools, or enforcing the right rules?

What are the collaboration habits of a high-functioning digital team?

What are some bad habits that digital teams need to break?

What are the biggest collaboration challenges we haven't solved yet?


Are meetings better or worse in a digital workplace?

What does a Level 5 meeting look like?

What prevents us from having better digital meetings?

Will technology help us have better meetings, or just discipline?


What does a Level 5 digital culture look like?

What’s the main advantage that remote teams bring to building culture?

How much of culture happens while working on projects/tasks, and how much happens outside of that?

How do digital companies increase a sense of belonging?


How best can orgs take care of the physical health of employees they don't see often?

Do orgs have an obligation to address the missing social needs that used to be met in an office?

What are some preventative things orgs can do to help with mental wellbeing?

What kind of 'first aid' should managers be equipped with to identify in their teams?


How might your digital workplace be perpetuating inequity?

Does a DW make it easier to hide discrimination and harrassment?

What reasonable accommodations should you set up for intorverts and extroverts?

How can we make sure a digital workplace is safer for historically oppressed groups?


What is and is NOT a self-managed team?

How do you assess whether a new hire is ready to be on a self-managed team?

What do self-managed teams need to change to thrive in a digital environment?

What prevents most orgs from trying self-managed teams?


In what ways have you seen workplaces de-humanize people as they digitize?

What are the core advantages that humans will bring to a team that also has robots and AI?

What principles will keep us on track as we implement a digital workplace?

What skills do humans need to work on to provide more value as the workplace becomes more digital?


Where is AI currently being used in digital workplaces?

Where will AI be used next that you haven’t seen yet?

How can AI make the employee experience more human?

What do digital leaders need to do now to be prepared to take advantage of AI in the future?


Should compensation be structured based on local cost-of-living, or on the job function alone?

What are some creative benefits you’ve seen from digital companies trying to retain talent?

What are the top three things that will keep someone on your team?

Will people job-hop more or less in a digital era?


Will platforms like Slack hit their limit like email? Or will they grow around it?

Does a messaging platform make you less productive?

What’s the best role for messaging in a Level 5 digital workplace?

What are the best ‘hygiene’ rules you’ve applied to messaging?


What is the biggest upside in opting for a single platform?

How far with integrations get you to connect multiple tools?

What are the compounding negative effects of using dozens of apps?

What functionality do you expect to lose if you opt for a single platform?


When team members are working from anywhere, what are the biggest threats to data security?

What are the base-level guidelines teams should follow when working from anywhere?

How much does SSO help in the effort for data security?

Where are the greatest security risks that no one is talking about?


What are the biggest challenges of leading a team that is geographically scattered?

How is leadership development different in a digital workplace?

What does a Level 5 distributed leader do differently than others?

Aside from competence, what are the main qualities needed to look for when building a digital team?


Why do employees experience burnout more often in digital environments?

What are the best ways you’ve seen companies help people avoid burnout?

Does unlimited PTO help avoid burnout, or does it make it harder to actually take it?

Is a four day workweek a step in the right direction, or not?


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